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FaceAzure Desktop

FaceAzure Desktop is a localized compliance business software which seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, allowing you to manage employee payroll, invoicing, and other forms, as well as generating reports in the formats required by GDT in Cambodia.

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FaceAzure Desktop
Powerful Ecosystem Integration

FaceAzure Desktop packs powerful features for ecosystem integration with your SME business accounting software for compatibility and compliance with the Cambodian business environment. After extensive research, we have developed this integration software through multiple phases to arrive at the features we currently have now in FaceAzure Desktop. There are four main modules in this version which translate into multiple features – Sales and Purchase forms, Payroll Management, Monthly Tax Management (E-Filing) and Custom Reporting (CIFRS for SMEs).

Key Features

Customize & Print Forms

QuickBooks Sales and Purchases Forms (Estimate, Invoices, Receive Payment, Sales Receipt, Credit & Refund, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Receive Inventory, Bill, Pay Bill, Write Check, and Vendor Credit) can be customized with a variety of compliance templates required by GDT of Cambodia regulations. The forms in Khmer language and Khmer Riel exchange rate can be previewed and printed individually or in batches.

Manual Payroll Management

Employee payroll can be managed on a monthly or semimonthly basis. Directly from FaceAzure, you can pay and print your Payslip. The transaction then syncs with your QuickBooks Company file and updates records automatically, saving you the time and effort of manually posting changes to your company file.

Monthly Tax Generation

To simplify your business success, we diligently study Cambodia’s GDT legislation and constantly update FaceAzure to reflect changes in tax regulations. Finally, you may concentrate on your primary business without worry. FaceAzure Desktop will automatically generate your monthly tax by importing transactions from QuickBooks Desktop and exporting to E-Filing Format.

Custom Reporting

FaceAzure Desktop automatically generate your standard financial reports in to Khmer language. Stock movement report, Customer Statement Report, Vendor Statement Report are available. Report CIFRS for SMEs (Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Cash Flows Indirect) are customized in both English and Khmer language. Furthermore, you can request for custom reports to the uniqueness of their business activities.
There are other features that improve your entire experiences to use FaceAzure. For example, the smooth integration and synchronization with QuickBooks, Backup and Restore, Menu Management, User Management…

Now Available

FaceAzure Online

FaceAzure Online is a localized compliance business web application which seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online.