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These are the questions we compliled from our prospects. If you do not see the question or answer that you have in mine, please ask us directly (contact us)

No, You need to integrate with QuickBooks for the most part. Although there are FaceAzure modules like Payroll that can function independently of QuickBooks, your main lists and journals have to be retrieved from QuickBooks to give you a complete ecosystem experience. Therefore we advise you to get QuickBooks first. Opportunely, we at CAS-BIZ Technology are authorized to implement and support QuickBooks so you do not need to look any further. Contact us to obtain your QuickBooks.

FaceAzure Desktop will conveniently integrate with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop ranging from Pro to Premier to Enterprise. Just be sure to have the system requirements.
Any decent PC with reasonable capacity and resources will do. But the most ideal environment is as below:
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 and above
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): 2 GHz minimum
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 2 GB minimum
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD): 1 GB minimum
Anything worth doing is worth doing properly. Fortunately, we at CAS-BIZ Technology are certified and authorized by Intuit to license and support QuickBooks in Cambodia. If your QuickBooks license is not original, we can help to switch to genuine QuickBooks and get you started with without losing your data.
Our 30-day trial version can be sourced through the FaceAzure support department. Please fill the form to request for the trial version or schedule a demo during which the temporary version shall be implemented and demonstrated to you.
FaceAzure synchronizes only with your currently opened company file on QuickBooks. If you have more than one company file, open the one you desire to retrieve information, before you run the FaceAzure Application.
In a nutshell, FaceAzure completes and enhances your business accounting software experience within the Cambodian business environment. The main objective is to fill the blank spaces for what your regular accounting application does not deliver. For example, printing your forms/invoices in over 70 formats which support khmer language, showing amounts in Cambodian riel and adhering to the standards set by local authorities when it comes to tax report submission.
This scenario is unlikely, as we have covered all industries in our quest to satisfy all types of businesses. However, we also offer custom form and report design service by which your specific idea and requirements are converted to reality, to preview and print your forms and reports exactly the way you want. Please contact us for details.
The number of FaceAzure users can be in correspondence with your number of QuickBooks users. However, this number ideally ranges from one to five. The more the number of users, the more you save. Please see Pricing for details.
It is advisable to renew your license at least one month before expiry. If in the event you fail to do so, do not worry your data will remain safe and modification features relating to your data will once again be available after renew your subscription or make another subscription.
NO, Fortunately, FaceAzure has backup and restore functions which do not only save your company data but also your FaceAzure settings. This means even in worse case scenarios you do not lose your work, let alone for a simple update. Additionally, you don’t have to handle any software updates by yourself. There is a FaceAzure team of experts to do that for you quickly and safely while you focus on your core business.
Yes, QuickBooks Hosting Service by CAS-BIZ Technology affords you the option to add FaceAzure license and access your business software ecosystem anytime anywhere. This convenience takes away the need to be physically present in your office location just to access and operate your business accounting. Please see QuickBooks Hosting service by CAS-BIZ Technology, for details.
Currently, you cannot. Due to safety and security concerns, your FaceAzure can complement your Hosted QuickBooks if only it is hosted by us. This is because we take full responsibility for providing the uninterrupted service, and therefore can fully ensure the availability and accessibility of both your QuickBooks and FaceAzure.
Upon the implementation process of FaceAzure, you will be trained by our experts on how to use FaceAzure for the best outcomes on your business. This training is basic and does not offer any certification as of now. However, for QuickBooks, there is a newly established ISE Training Center in Siem Reap that offers QuickBooks Training and Certification.

FaceAzure currently only working with QuickBooks Desktop. We are in process of developing FaceAzure Online for QuickBooks Online. Please follow our social media Facebook page or linkedin to get the update notification.