Powerful Ecosystem Integration

FaceAzure packs powerful features for ecosystem integration with your SME business accounting software for compatibility and compliance with the Cambodian business environment.

Compliance with the Cambodian Business Environment

After extensive research, we have developed this integration software through multiple phases to arrive at the features we currently have now in FaceAzure Desktop. There are four main modules in this version which translate into multiple features – Sales and Purchase forms, Payroll Management, Tax Management and Custom Reporting.

Custom & Print Forms

FaceAzure retrieves and displays lists from your current QuickBooks company file, including but not limited to Customer List, Vendor List, Inventory List, and Chart of Accounts. With these lists pulled into FaceAzure, you can add/edit Khmer font for names and descriptions for each item, add addresses where applicable. These Khmer font values eventually appear on your printed invoices, forms, and reports as required in the Cambodian business environment.

Under the Sales and Purchase Journal, you can access and print your estimates, invoices, orders, credits, and receipts following regulatory standards, with Khmer font support and tens of form templates to choose from. You can also even request your own custom-made form(s).

To make things all the more user-friendly, you don’t have to go through the menu. Those transaction forms are just one click away from the FaceAzure Dashboard.

Payroll Management

You can manage employee payroll in monthly or semi-monthly salary mode. Pay and print out payslip directly from FaceAzure. The transaction then syncs with your integrated QuickBooks Company file and automatically updates records accordingly, saving you the time and effort to manually post the changes in your company file.

Additionally, the payroll works with the tax module for monthly salary tax calculation with deductible taxes, according to your initial settings. It also supports local currency and Khmer Unicode fonts so you can print in Cambodian required format.

Monthly Tax Preparation

Say goodbye to manually exporting your records from QuickBooks into Office Excel to prepare your tax report. FaceAzure handles intricate details in varieties of taxes in the applicable industries in Cambodia. By complying with the policies of the General Department of Tax, FaceAzure calculates VAT, WT, TOS, PPT and other tax types in your Sales and Purchase journal depending on your initial settings, then automatically prepares your tax form for review, printing and submission to the GDT office.

The tax logic applies to transactions of your choice as well as payroll salaries. The tax module saves you time and cost by eliminating the need to hire a tax service company to prepare your monthly accounting.

This module is the most adaptable aspect of the FaceAzure application. We follow the GDT policies diligently and constantly update FaceAzure to reflex changes in the tax regulation, to simplify your business success. Finally, you can focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Custom Reporting

Preview and print out your reports in any format you want. Reports present the most vital information for business decision making, therefore adequacy and accuracy are of utmost importance. FaceAzure not only ensures that completeness and correctness but also adds a flare of versatility. We have worked with numerous business establishments from multiple industries to determine these recommended report categories to suite all types of business activities.

For example, some companies require Profit and Loss Statement, some do not. Some companies require Inventory Stock By Site which also requires Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise, others do not. Some companies require Customer Balance Details, others do not. Some companies require only certain elements of the above mentioned example reports.

In acknowledgement of this absence of absolute uniformity between businesses when it comes to generating reports, FaceAzure offers absolute flexibility in report settings. Furthermore, you can request for custom reports to the uniqueness of their business activities
There are other modules that improve your entire experience using FaceAzure. For example, the smooth integration and synchronization with QuickBooks, Backup and Restore, Menu Management, and so on. However, for the purpose of this page, we focused on the features that are most likely related with your daily business accounting tasks. For more information, please contact us on +85515982324


Frequently Asked Questions

No, You need to integrate with QuickBooks for the most part. Although there are FaceAzure modules like Payroll that can function independently of QuickBooks, your main lists and journals have to be retrieved from QuickBooks to give you a complete ecosystem experience. Therefore we advise you to get QuickBooks first. Opportunely, we at CAS-BIZ Technology are authorized to implement and support QuickBooks so you do not need to look any further. Contact us to obtain your QuickBooks.

FaceAzure Desktop will conveniently integrate with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop ranging from Pro to Premier to Enterprise. Just be sure to have the system requirements.
In a nutshell, FaceAzure completes and enhances your business accounting software experience within the Cambodian business environment. The main objective is to fill the blank spaces for what your regular accounting application does not deliver. For example, printing your forms/invoices in over 70 formats which support khmer language, showing amounts in Cambodian riel and adhering to the standards set by local authorities when it comes to tax report submission.

Any decent PC with reasonable capacity and resources will do. But the most ideal environment is as below:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 and above
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): 2 GHz minimum
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 2 GB minimum
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD): 1 GB minimum

Anything worth doing is worth doing properly. Fortunately, we at CAS-BIZ Technology are certified and authorized by Intuit to license and support QuickBooks in Cambodia. If your QuickBooks license is not original, we can help to switch to genuine QuickBooks and get you started with without losing your data.

Our 30-day trial version can be sourced through the FaceAzure support department. Please fill the form to request for the trial version or schedule a demo during which the temporary version shall be implemented and demonstrated to you.

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