Simplify, Localize, Compliance

FaceAzure Online

FaceAzure Online is an add-on to QuickBooks Online accounting software to make it easier for businesses and users to print Estimates, Invoices and Sales Receipt in Khmer Unicode and Khmer Riel currency to comply with Cambodian authority’s legislations.

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FaceAzure Online
Powerful Ecosystem Integration

FaceAzure Online packs powerful features for ecosystem integration with your SME business accounting software for compatibility and compliance with the Cambodian business environment. After extensive research, we have developed this integration software through multiple phases to arrive at the features we currently have now in FaceAzure Online.

Key Features

QuickBooks Desktop Add-on

FaceAzure Desktop

FaceAzure Desktop is a localized compliance business software which seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, allowing you to manage employee payroll, invoicing, and other forms, as well as generating reports in the formats required by GDT in Cambodia.